A Passage in Flight – a short story

The kite was high above, the red triangle contrasting perfectly with the clear blue sky. It glided through the wind as it confidently sailed with the wind’s force against its tail. The little boy, who mastered it on the ground, stood in the middle of the park, head arched up towards the sky, not caring that it strained his neck; he was proud with himself, his smile was contagious. His father, sitting on a bench in the distance, caught the boy’s happiness. The father was proud of him.

There were picnics on the park’s fringes; the noise of chatting and the smell of sausages cooking on a hot grill was pervasive throughout the park, while the father sat on the bench, savouring the moment watching his son’s achievement.  

The boy started to run; he ran backwards and then forward towards his father, trying to maintain the kite’s glide as the wind took on a sudden change in direction.

The wind then gave a mighty gust, as if trying to attack the kite. It smashed it, yet the boy kept his composure. He grappled with the string; he loosened then he tightened his grip and then loosened it again, trying his best to not let the wind get the better of him. The kite was starting to struggle, but the boy was not going to give up.

The boy looked back at his father, as the wind kept up its assault, and the father waved back, giving him a reassuring smile. The boy smiled, encouraged, he loved the challenge.

The father glanced to his right to see his wife was returning, walking up to the bench as she saw her son running around the park with his new kite. She sat down and said, ‘looks like he’s getting some bad luck with the weather.’

The father smiled at her and replied, ‘he’s doing well for his first time.’

Clouds were starting to form in the distance, they surprised the park’s guests, who were never expecting such a sudden change in the weather.

‘Maybe we should go home, looks like the weather is going to change for the worse,’ said the wife.

The husband shook his head and replied, ‘no, not just yet, it’s still fine.’

‘I think we really should, that kite won’t last too long.’

‘Yes, it will.’

‘How do you know, what makes you so sure?’

‘Because our son has learned how to fly.’

By Jeremiah Seyrak, copyright 2019, all rights reserved.

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